Tips for Creating an Edible Garden

Tips For Creating An Edible Garden

  • Prepping for Installing Real Turf Grass: A Guide for a Lush Lawn

    A lush lawn is an essential part of any garden or home landscape. Nothing beats the natural beauty of real turf grass. But before you start installing real turf grass, there are some essential things you need to consider to ensure that your lawn grows healthy and looks great. In this guide, we'll discuss how to prepare and lay down real turf grass so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn for years to come.

  • Exploring Plant Pot Styles for Outdoor Gardens

    When it comes to outdoor gardening, choosing the right plant pots is essential for creating a beautiful and harmonious space. With such a range of plant pot styles available, you can add a touch of personality and aesthetic appeal to your garden. This blog post explores different plant pot styles that are perfect for outdoor gardens. Scroll down to discover more. Classic Terracotta Terracotta plant pots exude a classic charm that complements any garden style.

  • Gardening: A Guide to 3 Types of Soil

    If you like to garden, then you will understand that the right type of soil is essential for healthy plants. This blog post explores just about everything you need to know about the different types of soil and how to choose the right one for your garden. Keep reading to learn more! Loam Loam is a type of gardening soil that is prized for its ability to retain moisture and nutrients while still allowing excess water to drain away.

  • The Ins and Outs of Selecting and Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees

    Are you a lover of gardens? Having an orchard in your backyard is worth considering. However, with many fruit tree options available in the markets, finding the right one may be challenging unless you are an avid grower of fruits. If you are a newbie and still getting your way around fruit growing, you must be careful when choosing fruit trees for your orchard. Bare root fruit trees are among the options you will find.

  • Three Reasons Why You Might Need a Same-Day Soil Delivery Service

    Buying soil can be necessary to improve or finish a garden, but there may be times when you need to take advantage of a same-day soil delivery service. Here are some reasons why you might need your soil in a hurry. Laying turf Turf is perishable and ideally needs to be laid on the day it arrives. This is especially true in summer when the turf can spoil if it is not bedded down quickly.

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    Tips For Creating An Edible Garden

    I've always been interested in gardening, and when I bought my first home ten years ago, I knew I wanted the garden space to be used to grow food, but I also wanted it to look beautiful. I started researching edible flowers and read about using companion plants interlaced with vegetable plants to create stunning displays of colour throughout the growing season. I realised I could design a garden that was both functional and pleasing to the eye and now only grow edible plants and flowers, such as pansies, borage, violas, lemon verbena, roses and nasturtiums. I started this blog to connect with others who enjoy growing their own food and to share my tips for creating an entirely edible garden. I hope you find my blog interesting and enjoyable to read.